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Paraffin vs. Soy Wax: Which is Better and Why?

Scented candles are a great way to create a relaxing and inviting ambiance for your home. Maybe you want the aroma of a warm summer breeze? Then the Apple Breeze candle with fresh notes of crisp green apple is something you might enjoy. Or maybe the relaxing scent of Eucalyptus Rain with essential oils of sage is what you desire. Whatever it may be, candles have the power to enrich our everyday lives. This is why knowing what's in your candles is so important!


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So, have you ever thought about the type of wax brands use to create your favorite scents? As consumers are increasing awareness of product ingredients and their effects, questions are being asked about paraffin vs. soy wax.

The differences between soy wax and paraffin waxes range from how the candles burn to their effects on the environment. So, let's discuss paraffin vs. soy wax to decide which is the best wax for candles to burn in your home.

What is Soy and Paraffin Wax?

Firstly you might be asking, what exactly are these waxes made of? Soy wax candles are made from vegetable soybeans. It uses the process of hydrogenation which converts the soybean to a solution that solidifies at room temperature. Though there are different processes are depending on the manufacturer, the process starts the same for all.

Differing from soy wax candles, paraffin wax is made from petroleum. It's a fossil fuel waste product that has to be mined from the earth. This is the same petroleum we use to produce oil and gas. Yes, you could be burning fossil fuels right in your home! Scary right? If you are trying to live a green lifestyle, then paraffin wax candles might not be for you.

Plus if you consider the types of wicks candles use, the difference between soy wax and paraffin wax can be greater. Many scented candles use wicks that contain metals like zinc and lead. Thus, after burning for a bit they can emit metals into the air of your home. However, Brands like Ardor Bins use wicks sourced from 100% naturally sappy fruit trees. That is a much better choice for your green lifestyle journey.

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What is the Difference Between Soy Wax and Paraffin Wax Candles?

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What are the effects on the environment?

Soy wax candles are natural. When it comes to paraffin vs. soy wax they have less effect on the environment than paraffin wax candles. Traditional candles are usually made from paraffin which contains toxic properties that are neither eco-friendly nor healthy. As soybeans are a vegetable, they reduce bio-waste in landfills and limit the release of toxins in your home. A soy wax candle burns cleaner with little soot released while paraffin candles create soot that collects on the jar.

In addition, Soybeans are biodegradable and a renewable resource. Since they are renewable, more soybeans can be cultivated. Paraffin wax is not sustainable because fossil fuels cannot be renewed. That's just not environmentally friendly or good for you!

Plus, soybean production supports local and small farmers in the United States. Midwestern States of Illinois, Iowa, and Indiana grow and harvest a majority of the world's soybeans. Ardor Bin candles take things up a notch. Not only are they hand-poured here in the U.S., but they are produced by a small local business. This helps strengthen the economy from the growth of the soybeans to the time the candle reaches your door.

Thus in the battle of paraffin vs. soy wax, soy wax candles take the cake on having a less environmental impact.

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How does paraffin vs. soy wax burn?

The differences between soy wax and paraffin wax don't stop at environmental factors. Due to its crystal structure paraffin wax has a higher melting point. This means it requires more heat to burn affecting the life of your candles. Whereas with soy wax candles the melting point is lower, allowing for a longer burn time.

Soy candles have a stronger scent throw than paraffin wax candles. “Throw” refers to the release of fragrance from a candle when lit. Paraffin wax can emit a chemical scent when lit because of the use of synthetic fragrances and chemicals. What's the point of a scented candle if you can’t smell it? As soy wax candles are natural it releases a purer, stronger scent profile than paraffin wax. Candles that use vegan, soy wax, and pure plant extracts, such as Ardor Bins are a great option. Since they use raw, biodegradable resources, the scent throw will be cleaner and stronger.

So, if you are going to spend your hard-earned money shouldn’t you have the best wax for candles? We think you should!

Which Type of Wax is Better: Paraffin vs. Soy Wax?

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If green living and quality are important to you, then soy is the best wax for candles for your home. It burns cleaner, carries a stronger fragrance, and is eco-friendly for you and the environment. What more can you ask for? So the next time you go to purchase a candle check the label. You deserve the best for your family, and buying soy wax candles is the best choice!

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