Candle Care



Ardor Bin uses a 100 % all natural soy/coconut wax blend and sustainable wood wicks.

Our shipping materials are biodegradable and eco-friendly, and our candle vessels are meant to be recycled and reused. 


Light your wick at an angle and allow the flame to ignite and burn across naturally. Candles have a memory, so it’s important to let all of the wax melt evenly across to reach the edge of the jar. This helps to insure that the candle does not “tunnel” by leaving excess, unused wax on the sides of the glass. Your candle will last much longer this way.

For optimum results, place the candle on a flat surface before lighting and never move or handle a burning candle with hot wax. Allow candle to melt properly and evenly across the glass before extinguishing.

Wood wicks should maintain a wick length of 1/4 of an inch above the wax to aid the candle in catching and maintaining a proper flame. You can maintain the wick by gently breaking off burnt edges with a wick trimmer.

Flame height will vary at times just as a normal fire would, and fragrance will still throw and fill the space. Simply allow the flame to continue to burn and the flame height will return.