Welcome to Ardor Bin

Ardor Bin began with a mission. When I founded the brand in 2017 I wanted to lead the way in crafting a new and innovative way to experience the power of scent memory. A quiet walk on the beach, a fresh breeze over lush meadows, or the smell of fresh blooms in the spring; nature is my muse.

I aimed to create clean-burning, sustainable, and colorfully- chic candles that would elevate your space and your mood. After two years of sourcing and testing, I was able to cultivate extraordinary partnerships with world-class perfumers, FSC-certified wick craftsman, and non-toxic wax maufacturers.
The finished product is a collection of memorable fragrances inspired by nature's most natural scents and crafted with your health and the environment in mind. I hope that Ardor Bin will become a staple in your daily routine and that you'll join us on a journey through scent.
Founder, CEO
-Latrice D.L