Wooden Wick vs. Cotton Wick: Which is Better For My Home?

Wooden Wick vs. Cotton Wick: Which is Better For My Home?

Name the mood or occasion and you’ll probably find a candle to match it.

Feeling romantic? A nice sandalwood scent might be what you need to set the mood. Feeling festive? Light up your favorite seasonal scent candle (did someone say pumpkin spice?) to conjure up some holiday cheer.

From wax types, scents, and wicks there are so many candle varieties to choose from nowadays. But wicks, in particular, have become a key focus for candle lovers. Cotton wicks candles vs. wooden wick candles have become the burning question.

There’s no denying that cotton wick candles remain the most commonly used in most candles. But, as many more people discover the toxic chemicals found in some candles and their wicks, more people are opting for safer and chemical-free options. And, starting by making the switch from cotton to wooden wicks.

So, let’s explore the difference between wooden wick candles and cotton wick candles, why we think wooden wicks are the better choice, and why you should also consider making the switch today.

The Difference Between Wooden Wicks and Cotton Wicks

Cotton wicks are made by braiding cotton strands and dipping them in wax so that they can be compressed to hold their shape. And most store-bought candles use cotton wicks to lower production costs. However, wooden wicks are made from thin strips of wood, typically from cherry, oak, birch, maple, balsa, or rosewood trees. Since wooden wick candles are usually of higher quality due to the premium cost for materials, these are not as available as often for purchase in stores.

Although it may seem like wooden wicks are a new thing, they actually aren’t. Wooden wicks have been around for centuries and were used in early Egyptian times. So, what’s the big deal? Why should we be using them today? For one, you don’t have to keep fishing out the wick in the melted wax! Wooden wicks are also better for the environment as they are more sustainable. Thousands of wooden wicks can be found in a single tree. But we’ll get more into that later.

Let’s take a closer look at how and why wooden wicks are the more sustainable and aesthetic choice for a chemical-free home.


Clean Burn for a Chemical Free Home

Cotton wicks candles are cheaper, which makes them heavy on the trade-offs. When burning, you may have noticed how the wick turns into an unsightly black lump. Then, it takes a few minutes for the smoke to air out to have a clean burn, this is referred to as a “mushroom”. This happens due to the wicks being dipped in paraffin or even metals like zinc for self-trimming and easier lighting. If you are concerned about air pollution inside your home, this is certainly not a good thing.

Unlike cotton, wooden wick candles release minimal carbon, soot, and debris pollution into the air. They are minimally altered during sourcing and are not dipped in chemicals to allow for burning. You simply trim any charred wood that may have been leftover from previous burns, and your flame will shine clean and bright! I mean, we deal with enough pollution outside, we definitely don’t need pollution in our homes too.

Wider Fragrance Throw

When you use wooden wick candles, you are getting your money’s worth. Wooden wick candles diffuse heat more quickly into the wax due to the wax being heated more evenly. As a result, it creates a lower smoldering flame which works better to spread your favorite fragrance longer and more evenly over time. How much difference is really there between burn tests of a wooden wick vs. cotton wick? Almost 35%!

Relaxing Ambiance

Burning a wooden wick produces a charming crackling sound, similar to a fireplace, which creates a deeply soothing ambiance. It triggers your autonomous sensory meridian response or ASMR for short. ASMR, which has become very popular recently, helps your nerves to relax and your body to unwind. Undoubtedly, the soothing crackle of the wood could help anyone to relax faster. No need to search Youtube any longer, you’ll have your own mini fireplace in a jar.


Toxin-Free and Eco-Friendly

Since cotton wick candles are manufactured in large numbers at lower costs, they aren’t the most eco-friendly choice. In order to lower production costs, something else is being compromised. This ‘something else’ is increased soot released indoors, as well as burning paraffin wax that essentially means you’re burning fossil fuels in your home. However, with wooden wick candles, what you see is what you get – tiny pieces of wood repurposed as wicks.

Your Choice Matters

In the choice of sustainability and least harmful for your health wooden wick candles are the clear winners. Wooden wick candles are organically made, paraffin-free, metal-free, and virtually soot-free! By choosing a clean burn over short-term function, you are also choosing to invest in your health and the health of your family. Whether it’s the soothing ambiance that draws you in or the eco-friendly production, wooden wick candles balance aesthetic and sustainability for the best types of candles for your home.

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