6 Meaningful Valentines Day Date Ideas In 2022

6 Meaningful Valentines Day Date Ideas In 2022

When it comes to choosing the best Valentine’s Day date ideas, we want to plan an experience our partner will love. No matter if you’re deciding on where to go, gifts, or what to wear, it’s simply overwhelming. There is a lot of pressure to come up with a special date idea that suits you and your partner. I mean, even planning a regular Friday date night can be mind-boggling. We understand the struggle!

Now more than ever, people are choosing to trade the cliche gifts and nights out for more meaningful experiences that provide you and your partner some quality one-on-one time. From a nice Valentine's Day meal idea at home or a relaxing spa day, we’ve come up with 6 of the best valentine's date ideas that are creative and special.

Have an At-Home Massage

at home massage

After a long week, nothing is better than a relaxing at-home spa experience. No need to worry about commuting, or a hectic schedule for this Valentine’s Day date idea. This time the spa can come straight to you! You can have an intimate spa day at home by giving each other a massage. All you need is some relaxing music, body oil, and a relaxing scent like the *Eucalyptus Rain* candle. It's perfect for unwinding and promoting tranquility, the calming notes of eucalyptus and peppermint will help you experience deeper relaxation. It's a romantic yet simple Valentine’s Day activity for couples.

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Take a Virtual Cooking Class

couple taking virtual cooking class

A home-cooked meal is something that comes from the heart. Especially if you cook a dish with cultural connections. It conjures up memories and reminds us of the nourishing effect of good food on our soul! So, with all the great feelings that come from cooking, an online cooking class can make for the perfect Valentine’s Day date idea. Not only will you have tasty food to enjoy but you and your partner will get a kick out of learning something together if it’s something you’ve never made before. You can learn to make everything from cocktails and dessert to handmade pasta and Korean street food. This takes dinner at home to a whole new level. What's more loving than a Valentine's Day meal idea of some tasty food made with love that you can enjoy with your love, under the candlelight from the comfort of your home? Probably, nothing!

Have a Luxurious Bubble Bath

luxurious bubble bath

You can plan a romantic evening to relax and connect with your “everyday Valentine”, by taking a luxurious bubble bath. This Valentine’s Day date idea is a romantic and affectionate way to spend quality time together. All you need are bubbles, champagne, rose petals, and your favorite Valentine’s Day scents around the tub. Candles like Ardor Bins Rose Hip uses notes of rose oil which encourages connection and intimacy in your relationship. Studies have found that inhaling rose oil increases sexual desire and sexual satisfaction. Talk about putting the spark back into the relationship! So, show your partner you know the best valentine's date ideas with this lavish bath time sure to treat their mind, body, and soul.

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Take a Hike Together

hike together

A scenic hike exploring a local trail, or even your neighborhood, is a great bonding Valentine’s Day activity for couples. Not only is it good for you physically and mentally to do outdoor activities but there’s proof that it helps our relationships, too. When we do activities with a partner it can create a closer connection and sense of security. One study suggests exposure to nature can help our relationships by making us more empathic, helpful, and generous. So get your heart rate up (outside the bedroom), and improve interactions with your love with this active Valentine’s Day date idea.

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Plan a Scavenger Hunt

plan scavenger hunt

Is receiving gifts your partner's love language? If yes, then a scavenger hunt is a fun way to share gifts and memories of your time together. You can do a treasure hunt to find romantic clues hidden in locations from the bedroom (wink, wink!) to the restaurant you had your first date. Either create your own mission or find pre-made options on Etsy or Pinterest. However you decide to play, it's a creative way to reference your favorite memories and add excitement to any Valentine’s Day date idea.

Play Tourist in Your Hometown

valentines day date idea - tourist in hometown

Planning an international vacation for a Valentine’s Day date idea is not as simple as it use to be. With restrictions and entry requirements changing every day, traveling can prove to be more stressful than enjoyable. So, why not look to your hometown for new experiences and places you have been wanting to visit. We're sure there are boutiques, landmarks, and restaurants you’ve had in your mind to check out for years but just never got around to it. You’ll have a blast playing tourist for the day or a weekend by booking a hotel in a new neighborhood. This is the best valentine’s date idea for couples looking to gain a new outlook and some quality time without the additional stress.

Have a Themed Dinner

theme dinner on valentines day

This Valentine’s Day date idea is versatile, allowing you to craft a theme based on your partner's interests. What is your partner's favorite movie, country, or type of music? You can create an experience that makes them feel they’re in Paris enjoying macarons and banquettes or a “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” themed meal with pastries and breakfast in bed. Can your sweetie not stop talking about their Moroccan vacation? Then make some Tagine, grab a bottle of wine, and light some Ardor Bin candles for an intimate Valentine's Day meal idea. The goal is to provide an experience that is personal and shows your partner how well you know them. They will definitely feel the love with this uniquely themed date night.

Valentine Day’s is a holiday meant for love and fun, but leading up to the date can many times be anything but that! It can be overwhelming trying to create and plan unique Valentine’s Day date ideas. However, with these 6 versatile and creative date ideas, you can't go wrong. Whether you’re interested in cooking or simply relaxing these are some of the best valentine’s date ideas with options for any mood. So, step up your creativity on the day of love with these Valentine’s Day activities for couples. They're sure to make it a day your partner won't forget!

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