5 Relaxing Scents That Help You Unwind After A Stressful Day

5 Relaxing Scents That Help You Unwind After A Stressful Day

You start your morning with a workout, shower, eat breakfast, have your coffee, and log in to work to start your day. It’s already 10 am, and you’ve already had a full day of getting your mind and body ready.

After a busy day, we want to relax after work, unwind with a glass of wine, good music, and relaxing scents. We’re all busy, and work is stressful. Our minds and bodies need to take a break every chance we get. One way to accomplish this is through the use of aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is one of the best ways to help decompress and relax after work. So, What are the best scents to encourage relaxation, you ask? Don’t worry, we got you!

Here are the 5 best scents to help you enjoy your me-time after a long, stressful day:

1. Lavender

Lavender is known to help promote calmness, lessen anxiety and reduce stress. It is the most widely known relaxing scents used in lotions and essential oils to cocktails and teas. When it comes to finding calming scents to relax after work, lavender aromas have been proven to reduce stress and calm your mind. For example, “a study published in Physiology & Behavior in 2005 focused on 200 people awaiting dental treatment and found that breathing in the scent of lavender both lessened anxiety and improved mood”. Hence adding relaxing scents of lavender, such as this Lavender Moon candle into your daily self-care will help promote relaxation needed for a good night’s rest.

2. Rose

Rose has always been used as a prime ingredient in perfumes due to its relaxing scents since ancient times. The rose symbolizes beauty and passion. In Greek and Roman Civilizations, it was associated with the goddess of love, Aphrodite. This explains why roses are such a large part of celebrating Valentine’s Day (who knew?). The calming scents of the rose connect to your sense of love and desire. For this, it’s known to help improve mood and boost your confidence. We can always use a little encouragement, right? Then try the Ardor Bin Rose Hip candle to help inspire and encourage you to take on the day ahead.

3. Citrus

Nothing says fresh and clean like a refreshing citrus scent radiating through the house. Have you noticed the feeling of relaxation and accomplishment after cleaning your home with citrus-scented products? I know I have. Often used in everyday household cleaners due to its antimicrobial qualities, this crisp fragrance is also one of the best scents for relaxation.

Citrus essential oils have a range of benefits for wellness. These relaxing scents are used to boost your mood, ease anxiety & irritability, and help with concentration. Aromatherapists prefer citrus calming scents due to their versatility and effectiveness. From ripe mandarin orange to notes of lemon in the Mandarin Rush and Citrus Gale candles, you can create your own citrus-infused tranquil space at home.

4. Jasmine

Flowers of jasmine originated in the Middle East and Asia, where its fragrance is attributed to many health benefits. The relaxing scents are found to be an antidepressant, helping in reducing symptoms of depression. As revealed by a “study published in the Journal of Health Research examined the effects of jasmine oil inhalation on the central nervous system and mood. When inhaled, jasmine oil affected brain activity and mood states, and the participants reported feeling more positive, energetic, and romantic”. Besides being one of the best scents for relaxation, it’s also been credited with producing an aphrodisiac effect (wink, wink!). The calming scents improve mood and lead to increased feelings of arousal and intimacy. So, relax after work from the living room to the bedroom with this Jasmine Blossom scent.

5. Sea Breeze

You can’t think of relaxing scents without the light and airy aroma of the ocean. It enchants your senses, conjuring up memories of summers by the sea. The smell triggers relaxing thoughts of Tropical Island vacations. Sea-inspired aromatherapy transports your mind, helping to relieve stress and promote sleep. Using notes of eucalyptus and driftwood, the Botanic Sea candle produces calming scents creating the ultimate relax after work time. In fact, it might have you on the verge of booking your next beach vacation as well!

If there’s anything we need at this moment, it’s the opportunity to pour into ourselves. Taking time out to practice self-care has never been easier than with the use of aromatherapy. These 5 aromas are the best scents for relaxation. Particularly after a long day, these calming scents help you decompress from stress, improve mood and help you sleep. Take your self-care routine up a notch by adding these fragrances to your daily wind down.

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