Best Ardor Bin Soy Candles To Try In 2022

Best Ardor Bin Soy Candles To Try In 2022

The New Year is here! And many of us have begun 2022 with new goals.

From better caring for our mental health to living a more eco-friendly, a new year brings about new opportunities for positive change.

So, if your goal is to explore the latter, starting small can make the goal seem much more attainable, and our suggestion is to start with your candles!

Many regular candles are made from non-eco-friendly ingredients like paraffin, which can be toxic for your health or the environment. However, there are healthier alternatives! Coconut and Soy candles are natural, eco-friendly, and just as easy to find these days.

Ardor Bin uses a blend of both. Our coconut soy wax is made from renewable resources, that combine the denser soy wax with the light coconut wax to provide a powerful scent throw. They are both sustainable and toxin-free making, them the best wax for candles–if you're looking to be more eco-friendly this new year.

Here are some options to help you choose the best soy wax candle Ardor Bin to offer for you!

Botanic Sea

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For many people, making frequent trips to the beach is just not possible. So, when you’re longing for a getaway but don't have the time, the Botanic Sea soy wax candle is a pleasant option to help you find the tranquility of the ocean without actually being there. With elements of driftwood, jasmine, and lemon it’s one of our best smelling soy candles to create a fresh oceanic allure. It has a eucalyptus essence that can also help calm feelings of stress, just as if you were at the beach!

Botanic Meadow

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The Botanic Black collection soy wax candles pull inspiration from nature with a mix of plant extracts and botanical aromas. If you are looking to create a relaxing spa night, then this vivid natural aroma is right for you. This intricate fragrance opens with notes of tuberose and orange blossom. Ardor Bin combines the bold scent of Tuberose with delicate notes of Muhuhu wood to create an aroma reminiscent of lush meadows. These essential oils blend with the best wax for candles, coconut soy wax, for you to enjoy mental relaxation for hours to come.

Orchid Dream

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The Orchid Dream candle blends orchid, rose and ylang-ylang to create a sensual, delicate fragrance. Orchids are a soft sweet fragrance that inspires calm and rejuvenates the mind. This best soy candle is perfect for the person looking to create a space that promotes alertness. You can place in your office or simply burn while working to create an uplifting and refreshing space. In addition to orchid, ylang-ylang is found to reduce anxiety and boost self-esteem when inhaled. These floral aromas produce an aromatic scent for the best-smelling soy candles for uplifting mood and motivating creativity.

Jasmine Blossom

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We all have our favorite best-smelling soy candle we love. Why else would you be here, right! So, If you want an aromatic medley of white florals and lemon, then the Jasmine Blossom is your answer. This candle is part of the Ardor Bin's Fleur collection. The collection is a line of elegant floral scents with subtle earth notes crafted with oils from jasmine to rose. Particularly for the Jasmine Blossom candle, the blend of jasmine and lemon is known to relieve headaches and help with depression. With benefits this amazing there’s no need to look any further for one of the best soy candles for 2022.

Lavender Moon

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A delightfully warm and fresh fragrance fills the air when you light the Lavender Moon candle. This soy wax candle has relaxing notes of lavender and rosemary that help with mental strain and fatigue. Plus the fruity notes of cassis and buchu essential oils promote relaxation and good health. You can light this candle to foster an environment of tranquility during your morning routine or to relax before bed. All these ingredients mix with coconut soy wax to make the best soy candle for your self-care routines.

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Eucalyptus Rain

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With one smell of this scent, you will be addicted! Ardor Bin's signature collection of soy wax candles includes the Eucalyptus Rain fragrance. One of the best smelling soy candles, perfect for all year round, it’s excellent for de-stressing and rejuvenation. This candle incorporates peppermint, cedar, and sage all elements perfect for promoting attentiveness and good health. Also, eucalyptus essential oils help with respiratory conditions such as asthma and sinusitis. With a burn time of 80-90 hours (you can thank the coconut soy wax), you can enjoy this best soy candle for hours on end.

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Apple Breeze

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You can welcome summer anytime with this crisp green apple scent nostalgic of grandma’s stewed apple desserts. The Apple Breeze candle is the premier scent in the Vert Collection pulling inspiration from nature's most robust aromas. This fragrance includes notes of warm cinnamon, tangerine zest, and vanilla musk. Undoubtedly, you can’t lose with this unique blend of aromas that aid in evoking positive memories and relieving tension. An aroma of warm summer breezes fills the air whenever you light this coconut soy wax candle in your home.

Citrus Gale

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Nothing says a warm sunny day better than the fresh citrus scent of the Citrus Gale soy wax candle. This refreshing aromatic must-have uses notes of hollyberry spice, jasmine, and cedarwood. The main ingredient of lemon fights exhaustion, uplifts your mood, and eases morning sickness symptoms. In a 2014 study of 100 pregnant women, aromatherapy with lemon essential oil was found to decrease the levels of nausea and vomiting significantly. So, not only are you getting one of the best smelling soy candles but moms-to-be benefit even more! We can’t think of a scent better fitted as one of the best soy candles for you and your family.

2022 is the year you pour into yourself with self-care moments that will leave you feeling energetic and happy. And there is no better way to start that journey than with the best soy candles made from coconut soy wax. These natural ingredients help you invest in your mental health plus the environment inside and outside your home. So start your year right with these best soy candles scents used for everything from studying to sleeping.

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