Welcoming Fall With Our Love For Pumpkins: Candles & Decor

Welcoming Fall With Our Love For Pumpkins: Candles & Decor

Fall is upon us! The highly anticipated season of cozy sweaters, fallen leaves of brown hues, and all things pumpkin. From jack-o-lanterns to spiced lattes (and even fall candles!), the fall aesthetic is centered around the pumpkin.

But have you ever asked where this fascination with all things pumpkin came from? Let’s take a look at the history of the pumpkin and our affinity for this seasonal delight. Plus find 5 ways you can enjoy the pumpkin season from the best Fall candles to delectable dishes.



History of pumpkin and why it’s a seasonal delight

The pumpkin has been around for centuries. Indigenous people of the Americas have grown pumpkins for thousands of years in Northern Mexico and the Southern United States. “In 1584 the French explorer Jacques Cartier reported finding pumpkins while exploring New England and Canada. First referred to as “gros melons.” The name was translated into English as “pompions,” which has since evolved into the modern word pumpkin.”

Today the pumpkin restores a sense of nostalgia, bringing up fond memories of all the things that come along with the fall weather. For many it’s the “anticipation of all the good things that are coming,” said Richard Lopez, professor of psychology at Bard College. It brings up memories of the start of something new. A new beginning for people. Children are transitioning back to school and the start of the holiday season is upon us. We anticipate the fall scents of mom’s pumpkin pie for thanksgiving and the carving of the pumpkins for Halloween. As a result, the comfort and familiarity that the fall aesthetic and fall candles create are what stimulates our need for pumpkin every season.

Pies and bread

Nothing says pumpkin season without the engulfing fall scents and tastes of pumpkin-inspired recipes. From the traditional pumpkin pie to lattes to modern takes on old dishes like Pumpkin Bread Pudding, there’s an array of ways to incorporate it into your cooking. Think outside the box. A simple Pinterest search will have you traveling down the rabbit hole of possibilities. You can’t go wrong. From sweet to savory, there’s something to fit every palate!


Jack-o-lanterns are not the only use for pumpkins decor these days. The pumpkin can be used in a number of ways to jazz up your home for a sophisticated fall aesthetic. Spruce up your table with an assorted pumpkin centerpiece, decorate your pumpkin with gold leaf for an elevated look, or create a pumpkin cooler perfect for those fall gatherings. These fun and easy decor ideas add a little charm and a unique look to your home. Best of all is that pumpkins are low cost and easy to discard once you’re done.

Self Care

What better way to indulge in pumpkin season than by incorporating it into your self-care routine? Well, if you’re thinking this seems out of the ordinary it’s actually not at all. Through the years DIY pumpkin face masks have become more popular than ever during the fall season. The blog Stock Piling Moms has a recipe for an all natural face mask that will leave your skin feeling hydrated and smelling yummy. All you need are these 5 ingredients found in your kitchen: Pumpkin, Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Honey and Olive Oil. It provides antioxidants, stimulates collagen, and alleviates dryness that comes along with the change to the fall weather. It’s an easy at-home spa treatment that’s sustainable and good for your skin.

Grow your own pumpkins

After the trick or treaters have gone, the thanksgiving feasts are over, and the craze has died down, the interest in pumpkins also seems to fade just as fast as it came. However, pumpkins can bring us all of the benefits mentioned in the other sections and delight year-round, if we want! And, planting your own little pumpkin patch for any time use or for next year’s pumpkin season is one way they can do so. Pumpkin seeds can be saved to grow new pumpkins. Not only is this sustainable, but it also gives the family something to do together throughout the year. Plus, you’ll be the envy of other families for growing your own pumpkins.


Fall Candles

Get into the fall aesthetic with some of the best fall candles in scents reminiscent of everything we love about the season. Fall scents such as Ardor Bins Pumpkin Pimenter and Botanic Forest produce inviting scents that bring up a yearning for cozy fall weather. Delightful cedarwood, cinnamon, and pumpkin spice aromas entice your senses. Thus no home is complete this season without these essential fall scents burning within its walls.

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Pumpkins are essential to the celebration of the Fall season. Surely you can’t think of any Harvest festival, Halloween or Thanksgiving dinner without the addition of our favorite fall squash. With so many ways to satisfy your pumpkin cravings, you will not run out of ideas on how to incorporate it into your fall aesthetic. From tasty desserts to the best Fall candles be sure you put those pumpkins to good use before pumpkin season leaves us behind!

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