A Merry ‘Green’ Christmas: 10 DIY decor & Christmas Tree Ideas

A Merry ‘Green’ Christmas: 10 DIY decor & Christmas Tree Ideas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Yes, you guessed it: Christmas! Family gatherings, shopping, the music, the exchange of gifts, the season is full of cheer. However, many probably don’t realize that the holidays are also the more wasteful time of the year. According to a Standford study, Americans throw away 25% more trash through the holidays.

The Christmas season has a major impact on the environment. Manufacturing some of our favorite holiday decor can significantly affect our ecosystem from landfills to waterways.

So, this holiday season, we’re here to help you explore some DIY ideas such as homemade sustainable decorations to help you minimize waste and have a greener Christmas.

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Wooden Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree is the center of the holiday season. It signifies the start of the month-long festivities and is usually our first DIY project of the season. However, most artificial trees are non-recyclable because of their material. So, why not try a twist on a tradition with a DIY Wooden Christmas tree. This minimalist and sustainable Christmas tree option is a contemporary alternative to the classic pine, fir, or artificial trees. Not to mention, a wooden tree is much more low-maintenance than an actual tree.

Christmas Wreath

When your friends and family visit you this holiday season, welcome them with a beautiful Christmas Wreath designed by you. This DIY Christmas decor is easy to make using extra materials from other holiday decorations like tree trimmings, ornaments, ribbons, and dried fruit. You can also use these extra materials to make things like a garland to drape over your fireplace or use as a table decoration. If you’ve used real tree trimmings, the best news is that they are recyclable. Once the holidays are complete, many cities will collect your wreaths and trees and turn them into mulch or compost, which is used to revitalize parks and roadways.

Dried Citrus Decor

Dried citrus fruit is a simple and super eco-friendly DIY Christmas decor idea. You can make everything from dried orange garland to DIY ornaments. Add it to your tree, mantle, holiday wreath, or use it as gift embellishments. No matter how you decide to use it, this dried citrus fruit decor will have your home smelling and feeling merry throughout the holiday season.

Homemade Christmas Stocking

Deck the halls, or mantels, with DIY Christmas Stockings this Christmas season. You can create this unique Christmas decor with materials easily found around the house. From up-cycled materials like old sweaters, felt, and fabric, it’s not only the perfect activity for the family, but it’s also more environmentally friendly. Kids will love using their creativity to decorate their stockings, and you’ll feel great you’re putting things to good use that would normally be thrown out.

Paper Star Decor

Who knew you could get so creative with a paper bag? DIY Paper Stars make for the perfect Christmas decor throughout your home. You can add them to walls, windows, or a chandelier to give your holiday decorations a little unique twist. All you need are paper bags, glue, scissors, a hole punch, and string. It’s so simple! Plus, once the seasons are over, you can easily store them away or recycle them.

Marble Ornaments

DIY ornaments are not only a fun family activity, but they are mementos that can last for years to come. There are many ways to create your own ornaments, but we love these DIY marble ornaments. They add a unique and classy touch to the traditional Christmas tree. You can choose from various color schemes, and all you need is plain plastic or glass balls, paint, small cups, and ribbon. No matter the colors you choose to use, these ornaments are sure to give you a Christmas tree and upgraded look that will have everyone wondering where you bought them and how much you paid for them.

Gingerbread Garland

Did you know that Gingerbread man cookies are not just for snacking on? They also make for excellent Christmas decor! Gingerbread garland makes for the cutest and best-tasting decor of them all. All you need are the typical cookie-making items like a cookie-cutter and dough, in addition to straw and ribbon to string all the cookies together. You can also add some white icing or candy for embellishment. Once you’ve assembled your delectable Christmas decoration, have it’s ready to be added to your tree or fireplace. Gingerbread garland also makes the perfect treat for guests visiting on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

DIY Snow Globes

Homemade snow globes are holiday decor staples. Kids and adults alike love them. However, I bet you never considered how simple it could be to create a DIY snow globe instead of spending your hard-earned money on globes that will only be used one month out of the year. You can create your own little white Christmas in your DIY snowglobe with everyday items found at home and at your local pharmacy. Start with a jar, glitter, glue, water, and glycerin. You can let it snow with a little shake. You can also add a toy figure significant to you or the holiday season for a personalized touch.

Repurposed Wine Bottles

Have a merry and bright green Christmas by repurposing empty glass bottles for your holiday table centerpieces. They look classy and have a vintage flair that will give your holiday dinners an upgraded look. Add tree clippings, herbs, flowers, or cranberries for a Santa-approved candlelit dinner. Or add some decorative ribbon or silvery wrapping paper for a holiday twist.

Pine Cone Ornament

We are getting in the holiday spirit by crafting our own DIY ornaments made of Pinecones. Check your local park to find this natural Christmas decoration or purchase from your local craft store to get started. These are very inexpensive to create and a great craft idea for the family! You can decorate with paint or glitter for a fun twist to this rustic decor. Or fashion them into these cute pinecone and felt squirrel decorations with the kids.

Going Green for the holidays doesn’t need to be a difficult task. From wooden Christmas trees to dried orange garland, there are so many DIY Christmas Decor ideas to choose from. Most of which use natural and/or repurposed materials.

‘Tis the season to be jolly but also environmentally friendly and sustainable! And if you’re ready to take your eco-friendly holiday to the next level, try our Ardor Bin candles to find the perfect eco-friendly gift for your loved one.

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